Dirt classroom!


The PTO is so proud and excited to unveil the new addition to the school!  For Teacher Appreciation Week, the teachers decided they were interested in a raised bed garden so the PTO delivered – FOUR OF THEM!  There are now four 4×4′ raised garden beds in the school yard.  On May 18th, Kate O’Dwyer, owner and farmer of Langwater Farm in Easton, will be visiting to educate the kids on farming, seasonality, seeds and more.  The kids will be able to plant their own seeds in a pot to take home and Kate is also bringing an assortment of vegetable plants for the teachers and students to plant in the beds.    Once the garden is producing, the ELC will donate much of the yield (green fingers crossed!) to Lenore’s Pantry to continue supporting those in need in our community.  The ELC is also a member of the URI School Garden Program which can offer education, tools, and support from local Master Gardeners should we find ourselves in need.  Dr. Ekk is an avid gardener and looking forward to tending the garden throughout the season.

The ELC staff and PTO are so excited to offer this multidimensional learning tool for the students.  Teaching the kids to tend a garden and grow food supports many science, language, math, sensory, motor, problem solving skills and beyond.  Hopefully this dirt classroom will be a wonderful tool for the teachers for years to come!  Thank you to everyone who has participated in our fundraisers!  These are the best sorts of things we are able to do with all of your wonderful and generous support.  Bring on the sunshine!


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