Celebration of Learning – April 13th

This year’s Celebration of Learning will be on April 13th from 6-8pm. Families are encouraged to go to their classes at allotted times, the morning classes from 6-7pm and the afternoon classes from 7-8pm.
This event is a great opportunity for the children to take their families into their classrooms to see their creations.  Each class will have projects related to the theme Making the World a better Place to Live through community, recycling and plants. The PTO will be set up in the lobby selling cookbooks, and in the gym we will have a craft for students and siblings, a book fair and a bake sale.

We’ll need a few volunteers to make this event a success! We’ve had several people offer to help, but there are still opportunities for volunteering. Please read through the descriptions below and if you’re able to help, get in touch with Karen Girourd at kmgirouard@verizon.net:

Craft Activity: For the craft activity each child will be planting marigold seeds in a recyclable pot or container, including an easy pot the children can make out of newspaper. We will also plan on having egg cartons on hand (if you have extras, please send them to school with your kids in a bag marked “ATTN: Karen Girourd c/o Charlie 4A”) . 6 volunteers needed (three from 5:45-7pm & three from 6:55-8pm)

Snacks: The snack table will be a Bake Sale. We need people to bake for this. Ideally, the baked goods are individually packaged, which will make them less messy and easier to sell. Regardless, we’ll have snack bags available if baked goods aren’t packaged individually. 6 volunteers needed (three from 5:45-7 & three from 6:55-8pm)

Barefoot Books: A representative from Barefoot Books will have a book fair set up for families to browse the books and teachers will have their wish lists available to purchase a book for your child’s classroom. 2 volunteers needed (one from 6-7 & one from 6:55-8)

Again, if you’re interested in helping out, send an email to Karen Girourd at kmgirouard@verizon.net.

We look forward to a fun-filled night and hope to see you there!


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